Adult volunteers are provided with training opportunities appropriate to their Scouting role in the form of training courses, mentoring, and on-the-job training.

Wood Beads I

A Wood Beads I course is a weekend-long training event for new adults in Scouting which will prepare you to be an assistant Scouter. You will learn about the Scout Method, which is the educational system developed by Scouting founder Baden-Powell. This will help you to better understand our Scouting programs and help you develop skills and confidence as a member of our team. Topics include fundamental principles of Scouting, brief history, overview of program Sections and their programs, promise and law, program planning, use of the outdoors, ceremonies, games, badges, characteristics of young people, discipline, and safety. The weekend is also an opportunity for Scouting fellowship, networking, and camaraderie around the campfire. Upon completion, you are eligible to wear the Gilwell woggle as part of your uniform.

Wood Beads II

After completing a Wood Beads I course and a having served as a Scouter for at least several months, you are eligible to attend a Wood Beads II course. This is an extended course which goes more deeply into Scouting qualifying you to be the key Scouter in a Section. Upon completion, you are eligible to wear two Gilwell beads as part of your uniform. (There are two levels of trainer qualification recognized with three and four beads.)

Skill Workshops

In addition to program training, Scouters take skills training in specific areas such as first aid, water safety, canoeing, outdoor skills, etc.